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Tips from the Transition Zone
  1. Nutrition
    Efficiency is key to every aspect of the sport, including your body. Sugar kills and carbs are sugar. Training your body to be metabolically efficient is the key to greater weight loss, greater energy, and greater endurance. Give it a try. For two weeks, lower your carb intake, increase your fat and protein consumption, eat regularly and see just how much your body improves.
  2. Gear Selection
    A bike is not just a bike. Fit is everything. An improper fitting bike can result in slower speeds, greater fatigue, and overall discomfort. Invest in yourself and select a bike that fits. Our pros can help you select the right gear for your needs. Contact us for more information.
  3. Technique
    Swimming, quite possibly everyone least favorite part of triathlon. But with simple improvements in technique, swimming can become something that is not only enjoyable, but a key component to your race day success. Tip: Swim lazy, catch high, and pull long for speed AND efficiency in the water.
  4. FAQ
    What triathlon distance is right for me? The distance you choose really hinges on your comfort in the water. You can probably ride or run (or walk) the distance in longer events, but don’t put yourself in the water for a longer distance than you can handle. This is where training comes into play. As you spend more time swimming, biking and running, you will be able to go further and can take on longer triathlons.
Don't take our word for it, see what Trifecta Multisport Coaching athletes are saying.
  1. Todd has been a mentor to me throughout my triathlon career. For approximately the last 9 years, Todd has helped my race in aspects that other coaches have always neglected including my mental strategy and transition techniques. Todd has always been excellent about making my race training individualized and catered to my strengths and weaknesses. Since I met Todd, I have gone to Nationals for Youth Elite, Junior Elite, and Age Group Sprint every year. I even made the Age Group Worlds team in 2013. Currently, Todd is coaching me for my first 70.3. Todd keeps in consistent contact with me and I’m seeing progress and feeling stronger every day. I strongly recommend Trifecta Coaching!
    Taylor H. Colorado
    Taylor H. Colorado
  2. As a beginner weekend warrior triathlete, it gives me confidence to know that a certified USAT coach is planning my workouts to help me maximize my efforts and spend the right mix of time working to improve in all three sports. Todd has helped me improve my swimming efficiency and stroke. He knows what it takes to cross the finish line of an Ironman and easily translates those years of experience into techniques and skills that a beginner can understand. Having a specific plan during my workouts helps me to stay focused on the goal and engaged in the process. Todd helps me balance what I do well, with what I need to improve. To go the distance, first you need the passion and discipline, then you need the equipment to cover the miles, then you need a coach to kick your butt and encourage you and believe in you! Thank you Todd and Trifecta Multisport Coaching!
    Vanessa Y. Kansas
    Vanessa Y. Kansas
  3. Todd has been my triathlon coach for the past three years. In that time I have improved on all three disciplines and made my way up from just a participant to a regular competitor in my age group. Most recently, I achieved my first overall win at the sprint distance. I have competed in Age Group Nationals for the past two years and have also recently qualified for 2016 nationals. Todd is always available for any type of advice with a friendly, non-intimidating response that always eases my nerves. He makes training fun and keeps me interested with challenging workouts tailored just to me. He's become a good friend with plenty of humor to keep things real also. I plan to continue to train with Todd and Trifecta Multisport for many years to come.
    Maribeth O. Kansas
    Maribeth O. Kansas
  4. Hello, I worked with Todd and Trifecta Multisport for several years. With his guidance, I went from a beginner triathlete to a confident veteran in the sport. I would highly recommend Todd and Trifecta Multisport Coaching to anyone looking to break into the sport or improve their game.
    John C. Colorado
    John C. Colorado
  5. Todd is one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding triathlon training and lifestyle. He has personally helped me up my game with numerous personal bests, and knows when to hold off and not over train to the result of injury. His positive attitude and can do mentality is contagious and refreshing. I would recommend training with Todd and Trifecta Multisport Coaching if you want to take your season to new heights!
    Ray M. Colorado
    Ray M. Colorado
  6. Before finding Todd and Trifecta Multisport Coaching, my knowledge and background on swimming was minimal. I was a college decathlete and made every attempt to avoid the water to stay in shape. After leaving the sport and joining the military, I decided that I needed to learn how to swim more efficiently. After looking into other coach's, I decided that Todd was the one for me. I could just tell he was passionate about swimming and helping any level swimmer, swim better. His ability to demonstrate and coach every part of the stroke in an easy, understandable manner followed by different drills to provide reinforcement was what I needed. In just the first practice session, I was achieving what weeks of watching endless YouTube videos failed to do. As the sessions went on, I was swimming further and easier than I ever thought I would have been. I would definitely recommend Trifecta Multisport Coaching to anyone looking to get better at swimming.
    Mark D. Kansas
    Mark D. Kansas

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